Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Flower Show

The Philadelphia Flower Show is an annual event that draws visitors from all over the nation. Within the relatively drab confines of the Convention Center, the Show participants create gardens and garden vignettes of astonishing complexity, typically inspired by a governing theme. Trees, shrubs, ponds and other water features are brought together with such skill that the visitor can easily forget she is indoors at all. Additionally, there are competition displays on a smaller scale; my favorites are the bonsai display, the ‘table-setting’ display, and the ‘window box' display. Of course, there is a large section for vendors of anything remotely related to gardens and gardening of every type.
I have to admit to being somewhat underwhelmed this year. It may have been my lingering flu or the theme – Bella Italiana – which muted my enjoyment, or it may be that contributors were feeling the pinch of a poor economy and invested less profligately than usual. Or, it may be that I have been spoiled by the spectacular shows of recent years and could not see this year’s show with appropriately appreciative eyes.
At any rate, I post some pics. (I did think the lighting, which is usually low, was especially dim this year.)

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